As the release of WILDERNESS LIAISON looms closer

As the release of “Wilderness Liaison” looms closer I’m spending more time on the Internet. A social media presence is supposed to help with promotion. I’d rather there was a bunch of little magic fairies somewhere that I could call upon to help. Their efforts would be about as helpful as mine are. I’ve decided promotion isn’t only ‘unnatural’ for me, but also so time consuming. Fumbling around in the darkness of this social media set up is worse than any “walk on the dark side” but complaining won’t help me sell books. Get on with it, Annie, get your name out there. I’m trying, I’m trying I feel like screaming.

Talking with other writers is so essential. Their support is wonderful and the help and advice they so often share is so worthwhile, not to mention uplifting. This week I’ve been privileged to “meet” a fellow writer living in Spain. Not only have we already become real friends, rather than just names on FB or Twitter, but she’s helped by giving me some very solid ideas. I also lurked on a promotion workshop this week. I didn’t feel I learned much – I’m already attempting to do most of what was suggested – but its great to hear that your efforts coincide with others who are having success. It boosts one’s morale to know you’ll achieve similar success too, just hang on in there.

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