Central Otago – A Quick Visit

Lake Wanaka

Central Otago is one of the most picturesque areas of New Zealand. Whatever time of year, there are places that will steal your breath away because they are so beautiful.

Lake Hawea

Our arrival in Central Otago was the first chance to share some time with extended family. We were very happy to join a niece and her daughter for a joint celebratory birthday dinner in Clyde. Our restful day in Alexandra was most welcome after the busy week on the lower half of the West Coast.

When we left Alexandra heading for Invercargill we were surprised to see snow on the hills behind the town. No wonder the previous day had been so cool. A gentle reminder to any of my readers in the northern hemisphere, December is summertime here in New Zealand. And Alexandra, or all of Central Otago, is generally the hottest place in the country during our summer.

Despite the cold break in the weather, cherries and peaches were plentiful in roadside stalls and fruit markets. So many acres of fruit trees were carefully covered to prevent the invasion of birds to ruin the ripening fruit.

Fresh Snow on Hills – 6 Dec

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