The Joy of Adult Children

The Joy of Adult Children

The joy of adult children sometimes fades as spending quality time with them becomes awkward as they go off on their own roads of discovery, leaving you wondering where the years disappeared to. I am very fortunate to have three of my children still living close by, (one very close by, he’s still at home) and we are able to see each other on a reasonably regular basis. But I often find myself involved with grandchildren when I visit, and I’m conscious that they have taken precedence over almost every encounter.

Some weeks ago my daughter invited me to the movies. To a real movie too, not some animated story which she feared might not hold the attention of miss 3 yr old. It was to be just her and I. I think we were both aware it was the first time in ages we had done something frivolous alone together and we set out to enjoy the couple of husband-free, children-free hours. The movie, don’t laugh, was my all time favourite “Sound of Music” which was doing the rounds of theatres in Auckland for the very last time. I do seem to remember going to it a few years ago when it was also showing in theatres for the very last time but that doesn’t matter. I was surprised my daughter was interested in seeing it, after all, she had been forced to watch it numerous times during her childhood and adolescence as I ran the video again and yet again. I didn’t realise she had never seen it on the big screen.

I still loved seeing the movie again. Although I could probably recite every word said by every character it still held something special for me. But the best thing about that afternoon was being with my daughter and watching/listening to her. About 30 seconds before every amusing bit of the story her chuckles rang out in the almost full theatre. I’m not sure what others thought, but I was filled with such a warm and fuzzy feeling at her enjoyment. Although as adults our tastes vary in so many ways, she had obviously enjoyed those times I’d played my most favourite video in her presence.

That afternoon was a special moment in time. Too soon it was over and we went back to husbands and children and the real world. But its struck a chord reminding me how cool it is to be a Mum. Being a grandmother and loving your little ones to bits is great, but to have them, you first had to have your children. With all the trials and tribulations of parenthood, children are still the first step to immortality.

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