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In my new story “Marriage at Risk” Alex Newton is the female lead. I hesitate to name her or her husband as the protagonist or antagonist as they both fit either definition. I’ve found a basic definition of these words. The protagonist is the main character, often the hero. The antagonist is the character who opposes the protagonist, often a villain. In “Marriage at Risk” I haven’t written either character to be the “main” and they are definitely both opposing each other ideals.

Time to get my new story out into the world
Time to get my new story out into the world

Maybe I’m taking a risk with this story, but I do like pushing the envelope a little at times. Like in my gender role reversal of “The CEO Gets Her Man” I wanted to mix perceptions up a little. In this new story, I play with the idea of a woman’s role as a mother.

Alex is a devoted wife, mother, and general practitioner doctor. Life is very busy but Alex is happy. Imagine her dismay when her husband of fifteen years announces he wants a break from their failing marriage.

How Alex deals with the devastation of a crumbling relationship might surprise many. It certainly surprises her husband.

Is it a risk to write about something which seems to go against what my readers will consider the “acceptable” norm? I hope not. Because I write romance you all know there will be a satisfactory conclusion to the story. While I introduce secondary characters to begin a “Lordington Valley” series, I haven’t highlighted any who might provide a risk to the survival of Alex and Ben’s marriage.

I realise I am being a little bold because I have only just submitted this story to The Wild Rose Press. Perhaps they won’t consider it worthy of publication. I feel like I’ve been in a writing desert for a long time – my fault entirely – and I admit to hanging my hopes on this new story. But only time will tell.

Now secondary characters Caitlyn and Todd are already causing me problems. Why are they refusing to see they belong together?


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