A negative side to being a writer

Yesterday I experienced the worst of being a writer. Having just received another round of edits I was keen to get them completed and returned to my editor as quickly as possible. I figure this is the professional approach I want to extend to all my writing. While I sat at my computer squirreling on for what ended up being over eleven hours – breaks were so short I never gave a thought to looking out any window – I missed out on something special. Unbeknown to me outside the sun blazed furiously in what might well turn out to be the loveliest day of the whole summer. One of my teens coming home late in the afternoon complaining of the heat alerted me to this wonderful day, but, alas, it was almost over. I had the satisfaction of hitting the send key and shooting those completed edits right back, but I’d missed getting out into the fresh air and enjoying a beautiful day. I don’t really regret the price I paid for yesterday, but it showed me a negative side of being a writer. Not that that will impact too much on me.

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