What can make one feel successful in their chosen career?

What can make one feel successful in their chosen career? This could be answered in as many different ways as there are occupations in the world. For me as a writer the obvious answer is new contracts, continuing sales of my books and positive feedback from my readers. But yesterday I received an email which gave me a whole new sense of achievement. I was asked to give an endorsement of an upcoming novel for a fellow writer. I would have felt chuffed no matter who made the request, but for it to come from a very successful writer who I respect so highly – well I was blown away. Her request acknowledged me as a writer but more amazingly, has elevated me to an esteemed position by her side. Thank you Loree, I will continue working to achieving the excellence you inspire.

But achievement shouldn’t need to be measured by how others perceive our growth. It’s how we feel about our own progress that is important. This is often difficult as we set our goal posts far too high. While being a New York Times best-seller is probably most writers dream, its not likely to happen tomorrow. Until it does – always think positively – give yourself a pat on the back for all those stepping stones along the way. Be proud of that page you managed to write today, or that chapter you finally finished. Every time you sit down at your computer to write, and do write, give yourself a big pat on the back. You deserve the praise. You have to lavish praise upon yourself during the early stages of negotiating the route, because no-one else is going to. Do something special to celebrate every little goal you achieve.

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