Welcome 2016

Welcome 2016

images1This day has definitely crept up on me but I’m very happy to welcome 2016 into my life. What will this year bring to me and those I love? I hope there will be good health, happiness and an ongoing joy for life for us all. May the bumps along the way be little ones and cause no more than a couple of ripples in an otherwise still pond.

One of Loree’s Facebook posts suggested we come up with a word for 2016. I guess you could call it a wish for the months ahead. I began considering a heap of options. What did I want the year to bring? Other than “world peace” what did I wish for 2016? I don’t mind telling you I struggled. There are so many options, and deep inside I already know how useless New Year resolutions are anyway, but finally sometime last night between the stroke of midnight and when I awoke this morning I had two things I am wishing for myself this year. I am looking forward to a productive year and praying my good health continues.

“Productive” wrapped up my hopes well. Some definitions – doing or achieving a lot – working hard and getting good results – producing or able to produce something especially in large amounts – causing or resulting in something – yielding positive results. Yes, I believe this fits my aspirations for 2016 in all my walks of life, as a writer, a wife, a mother and grandmother, a daughter, sister and friend. I am going to strive to ensure my year is a productive year, filled with achievements I can be proud of.

As the years slip by at what sometimes feels like the speed of light, the possibility of health problems erupting become more of a concern. While periodically complaining about niggly aches and twinges that might occur, I have so far been blessed with good health and I pray this might continue for decades to come. But becoming more aware of my mortality with each passing year, I am also more diligent about caring for this old body. It stands to reason that if I was to avoid so many of the things that put my health at risk, I should be a healthier person, right? That’s where I’m heading in 2016. I shouldn’t find that too hard, I believe, although the recent discovery that sitting at a computer for hours a day can led to the risk of heart disease is likely to be the one area I will struggle with.

indexI’m starting this new year on a very positive note. Even the wild, wet and windy weather outside (its the middle of summer, don’t forget) will not put a dampener on my enthusiasm. Work is going to be great, ideas will flow into fantastic stories, my combined blog with Loree will be a resounding success (because we’re going to bring so many interesting topics to the table), and a growing number of readers will continue to enjoy my writing. My role as national president of the Navy Women’s Association will be very exciting this year as 2016 is the 75th anniversary of the birth of the Royal NZ Navy and celebrations aplenty are planned. And most important of all, may my family continue to prosper and bring me such happiness and joy.

Farewell 2015, you’ve been an okay year for me, but I’m hoping 2016 might be a little more productive on some many fronts.

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