Talk about Writing

I love to talk about writing.

Recently I discovered a fantastic outlet to talk about writing. Not to obviously established or budding writers but to the “ordinary” public.

On two recent breaks I have been given the opportunity to present talks to anyone interested in attending. I’ve been thoroughly encouraged by how many people are keen to attempt to write something.

I talked about novel writing in one presentation and writing romantic fiction in another. Novel writing drew a larger audience but in any forum I will always talk about writing romance. It would appear weird if I didn’t blow the trumpet for my own favoured genre. I was encouraged by the enthusiasm by everyone who attended.

Novel writing drew a mixed gender audience, while only one man attended the romantic fiction talk. But his question about prudent use of a feminine pen name showed thoughtfulness. He might be part of the 16% of men who enjoy romance books. I perceived a high intensity of interest from some attendees. There were people who had already written substantial amounts and wanted to know the way ahead. There was another who had four separate stories but felt he needed help with his characterisation. Others shared detail of written work in non-fiction and children’s stories. It was a great experience for me to share what little advice I could.

My intense interest in Genealogy arose too. If novel writing was not something they could see themselves doing, I offered an alternative. Write something of their life history is so very worthwhile. Generations that follow will be grateful. I stressed that the written word can survive forever.

To share my stories with others is wonderful. But to talk about writing with others who perhaps have never considered trying to write themselves. I get an amazing buzz from this.

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