Multiple Characters

I like stories with multiple characters. How about you? The more characters included, the easier it is to weave a decent, believable story. And when I read, I like a real story about real life. I believe having only the interaction between two people does limit the scope of the plot. I sometimes question if I like writing romances or are my stories something else, with a romance element. But I’m pretty sure they belong in the romance genre. I … Continue reading

Reading a Rivetting Story

How do you cope with that empty, disappointing feeling that arises when you close the final page of a really rivetting story? I have just finished a captivating story by Sharon Sala. It was a struggle to put it down. I didn’t want to reach that last page. The mystery is solved. All the angles are tied up. I know the story was fast coming to an end. But acknowledging I was about to say goodbye to characters who had … Continue reading


  How important are our memories? No, not our ability to remember – I know this becomes an issue with the passing of years – I’m talking about all those precious memories stored up inside each and every one of us. Some will be exciting, happy, bubbling, while others will be filled with other emotions, sadness, loneliness, perhaps ever fear. But I think our survival instinct allows us to hold tight to the good memories and often lets us put … Continue reading

Learning to Self Publish

Learning to self-publish my stories has been my intent for a couple of years now. But with Covid and lockdowns and a general slump in my interest in anything writing, my research has been very spasmodic. But I now have a resurgence of interest and determination. If the three books I regained my rights to are ever going to see the light of day again, learning to self-publish, and understand all that involves, is essential. For a procrastinator like myself, … Continue reading

Share The Joy

To share the joy of writing with others is something I get such a buzz out of doing. To see a person understand playing with words and creating a story is exciting. I love the enthusiasm that lights up in them. Whether the story is short or long doesn’t matter. Nor does the genre. Writing and developing an imaginary world is fun. That’s not to say it might be hard work too. Serious writing is not suited to everyone. But … Continue reading

Meet Ben

Come in and meet Ben, the husband in my latest story “Marriage at Risk”. I realised something immediately I decided the role Ben would play in this story. He was going to appear less than heroic. After all, we know in a romance our heroes have to be the biggest and the best of all things. And here I was planning on writing a story with the hero about to ditch his wife and kids on the first page. I … Continue reading


Is researching necessary for the completion of a good story? Yes! But I guess the genre one writes largely dictates how deeply that research has to be. Along with the level of knowledge a writer has about any particular subject. Some writers may avoid researching prior to or during their writing. Others may spend a huge time perfecting the knowledge they wish to share. I admit to being lazy regarding research. The need isn’t so great because I write contemporary. … Continue reading

A New Story

In my new story “Marriage at Risk” Alex Newton is the female lead. I hesitate to name her or her husband as the protagonist or antagonist as they both fit either definition. I’ve found a basic definition of these words. The protagonist is the main character, often the hero. The antagonist is the character who opposes the protagonist, often a villain. In “Marriage at Risk” I haven’t written either character to be the “main” and they are definitely both opposing … Continue reading

Ignore the Obvious

It’s too easy to ignore the obvious when advice is needed. Although I have to say, I wasn’t actually seeking advice at the time. My husband asked if I had submitted my latest story to The Wild Rose Press. Ahh, no, not yet. Why not, he asks. It took a moment before it came to me. I was still unhappy with the manuscript. I hadn’t been able to put on finger on why until we continued talking and I had … Continue reading

Back On Track

Yipee! I think my writing life is back on track again. Or I hope it is. I trust the enthusiasm I’m feeling right now will stick with me for the foreseeable future. There are still so many stories floating around inside my head. And I keep getting more. I have to see them come to fruition. I am content with my new story which I’ve entitled “Jeopardized Marriage.” I wanted to use Marriage in Jeopardy as a title until I … Continue reading