Writing Tips

Writing Tips From An Expert I’ve been re-reading an article with writing tips from someone who appeared to be quite expert in the field when he appeared at the Romance Writers of New Zealand conference last year. Despite having the flu, James Scott Bell managed to convey some very salient points. I’d slipped this article of his away under all the other paperwork on my desk, and it wasn’t until I did a little office cleaning that I found it … Continue reading

Writing Dialogue

Writing Dialogue Some people have difficulty writing dialogue while others find it a breeze. Thankfully I’m one of the latter. Adding dialogue comes easy to me and I believe it flows convincingly in my romance stories. I hesitate to tell anyone how to write dialogue as I figure if words don’t come easily, the reader will pick up on the unnaturalness of the speech. My writers’ group is currently working on dialogue. This month we presented a piece and decided … Continue reading