Writer’s Block

What Is Writer’s Block? What is writer’s block? I’ve decided its an often used term for lack of imagination. Or at least that’s what it is with me. And because its so easy to allow something as huge as this to impact on what I should be doing, I try not to even credit it with a name. I often bemoan the fact my muse has deserted me, but I never think of it as a block. After all, our … Continue reading

Setting For Next Romance?

Debating Settings This morning I have wasted time trying to think of something interesting to post on this site. While I intend to continue with sharing memories of my mother’s life once a week, I also feel the need to have some purely “writing” posts which might interest or help any of my readers who may not wish to follow the meanderings from my family tree. My mind remained a blank for most of the morning. But I’ve struck an … Continue reading

A Writer’s Defining Moment

My Defining Moment As A Writer Many of us can acknowledge defining moments when our lives change forever. Marriage, the birth of a child, or the death of a loved one are all common catalysts for change. As well as experiencing such changes I remember another very defining moment. I was sitting at the dining room table in Loree Lough’s Baltimore home, my first manuscript – now complete with so many red slashes and scribbled comments it would debilitate the … Continue reading

Writing Tips

Writing Tips From An Expert I’ve been re-reading an article with writing tips from someone who appeared to be quite expert in the field when he appeared at the Romance Writers of New Zealand conference last year. Despite having the flu, James Scott Bell managed to convey some very salient points. I’d slipped this article of his away under all the other paperwork on my desk, and it wasn’t until I did a little office cleaning that I found it … Continue reading

Writing Rewards

Writing Rewards Writing rewards come in different guises. If a writer is lucky, some of those guises might include contracts from publishers, and those lovely royalty payouts, but there are other rewards. Apart from those aforementioned contracts, for me the next biggest reward is probably finishing a story. But completing a tricky scene, or having a epitome of how I can get out of the sagging middle of a story also bring their own rewards. I always feel really chuffed … Continue reading


What to do with reviews – good, bad and indifferent. Recently I was asked what I do about my reviews, how do I deal with ones that aren’t so great? Reviews are the life blood of a writer and as I recently posted on my Facebook page, I’m badly in need of a transfusion right now. I am concerned with the lack of any reviews for my latest release “Worlds Collide” and am asking anyone who has read it to … Continue reading

Writing Workshop

Another Writing Workshop Completed I love holding writing workshops. There is no better way of sharing the love of the written word than to encourage budding writers to take a leap of faith and burst into print themselves. During the last two weekends I have spent time with a couple of wonderful ladies who I believe will soon be crafting their own stories. I thank them for their attention and their enthusiasm. Not many of us have been gifted with … Continue reading


Is Every Writer A Wordsmith? According to the dictionary I have on my desk – a Cassell Concise Dictionary – the meaning of “wordsmith” is described as “a person skilled in the use of words, esp a writer”. I decided to check a definition as I wanted to add a little extra to my last post about the use of language in some writing. Then I realised one definition isn’t enough, I needed to be sure what I thought ‘wordsmith’ … Continue reading

RWNZ Conference 2014 Through My Eyes

RWNZ (Romance Writers of New Zealand)Conference Last weekend I attended the annual RWNZ Conference. For one reason or another I had missed the last couple of years but had been looking forward to another weekend of total immersion in the writing craft. I was not disappointed. The worst thing about a conference where numerous workshops are held simultaneously is that you must miss some workshops that you would have liked to attend. This was the case last weekend, so I … Continue reading