Tiki-Touring in NZ, Again

Tiki-touring – or roaming around with no set plan – seemed like an excellent way to spend a couple of months. With no travelling overseas in the foreseeable future, why not enjoy our own country? We left Auckland early in the autumn and headed to the South Island. The temperature would cool substantially before we returned. I always feel more at home the further south I go. It might be more years than I care to remember since I lived … Continue reading

Focus On Southland

Focus on Southland As we waited for Christmas celebrations I wanted to focus on Southland while we hung out in my home province. The glorious weather made us so pleased to be spending at least part of the holiday period here. Other parts of New Zealand were much less fortunate, with many areas experiencing huge rainfalls and floods. Not only did we enjoy the company of family and friends, we also revisited many favourite places of mine. I think I’ll … Continue reading


I wonder how many people have ever heard of Orepuki? Even for those from Southland, there is a possibility you might not be able to place this wee town on the southern coast. Orepuki is an example of a “blink and you’ll likely miss it” town. Along the Southern Scenic Route, it’s small, with few permanent residents. So close to the often wild and rough southern seas, it’s winds can rip right through a person. Around Orepuki it is possible … Continue reading

South Island, Here We Come

Our trip to the South Island is getting closer and closer. We did arrive at the Wellington check in area just a little earlier than necessary. Luckily, I had a good book which I almost finished while we waited for 12.45pm to arrive.     The expected southerly change arrived during our crossing of Cook Strait and brought rain and misty conditions. I was intrigued by the navigational aids on the hill as we entered Queen Charlotte Sound, so decided … Continue reading