Visiting Southland

Southland Will Always Be Home I have just returned from a couple of weeks in Southland, New Zealand’s southern most province. My mother and extended family live down there and the area will always be “home” to me, no matter where I actually live. I’m not sure if its weird or unusual to feel such close ties to somewhere I left over 40 years ago and where I’ll never live again, but there you are, I’m stuck with being a … Continue reading

Interesting Authors To Read

Are you looking for interesting authors? Have you ever started reading a book so far away from your normal genre and then been unable to put it down? Become so captivated with a new, interesting author you’d rather keep reading their story than sleep? I never read any fiction that isn’t contemporary romance. Well virtually never. Perhaps if I was locked in a room with a bunch of books but no romance stories I might cave in and begin reading … Continue reading

“Worlds Collide” Setting

My Reasons For Worlds Collide Setting Why is “Worlds Collide” setting principally in Alexandria rather than New Zealand? I want to stay true to my pledge to include something of New Zealand in every one of my stories. But using a secondary character from a previous story (Worlds Apart) meant I really didn’t have any choice about where I was going to set Justin’s story. Some of it at least, had to be centred around Washington DC. Getting access to … Continue reading

Writing Tip – Where to Set Your Story

Where To Set Your Story How important is the decision where to set your story? What do you need to consider when choosing your setting? How important will a location become to the overall adventure you plan to scribe? I guess all this is determined by the genre you write. Some genres eg. Regency, determine the setting and you have no choice. But if you write contemporary romance stories, then let your mind search the world for something new and … Continue reading