Another Day, Another Boat Trip Along Abel Tasman National Park

Visiting Abel Tasman National Park I never explored the Abel Tasman National Park as it deserves to be explored. That’s by foot, though the bush. Instead, I admit I took the easy way, yeah, you can say its the lazy way too, looking at its beauty from the deck of a boat. What a truly beautiful area of New Zealand this is. I never realised how many individual bays there were within Tasman Bay. Or how many kayaks could be … Continue reading

Still Riding the Pelorus Mail Boat

Riding the Pelorus Mail Boat – Part Two There was too much about our cruise on the Pelorus Mail Boat to limit it to one post. You’ve read the basics of our cruise. We enjoyed it very much. Jim and Fern were wonderful, chatting with the guests and sharing their knowledge and history of the area. They did a great job ensuring we all had a great time. Pulling into the many jetties along the way seemed to bring differing … Continue reading