Like Minded People

RNZN Provides Like Minded People Too Outside your family and immediate circle of close friends, do you sometimes struggle to feel connected to others? To find a link which immediately unites you with some sort of bond? When I talk or think about like minded people nowadays, I think of writers. Ones I know personally, social media friends or just writers whose work I’ve enjoyed, these are the people on my wave length.  Apart from my family and all the … Continue reading

Use of Language

Use of Language How a writer makes use of language within their writing must help brand them. For example, a Pulitzer prize winning journalist uses much different language than a writer of popular fiction. Or dear I add, a romance writer like myself. But is there any true gauge of which writing is “better”? Although many would say yes, and unhesitatingly assign any popular fiction, and especially romantic fiction, to the lowest rung of whatever ladder being used to test … Continue reading