A Writer’s Defining Moment

My Defining Moment As A Writer Many of us can acknowledge defining moments when our lives change forever. Marriage, the birth of a child, or the death of a loved one are all common catalysts for change. As well as experiencing such changes I remember another very defining moment. I was sitting at the dining room table in Loree Lough’s Baltimore home, my first manuscript – now complete with so many red slashes and scribbled comments it would debilitate the … Continue reading

Procrastination Doesn’t Pay

Procrastination Do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. How many of us ignore this sensible approach to living? How many of us allow procrastination too large a hold in our lives. Along with having ‘jobs’ piling up around you, putting things off for another day can occasionally fill one with terrible regrets, too. I figure I’m as bad a procrastinator as anyone on earth. I have all the good intentions in the world to do … Continue reading

Writing Rewards

Writing Rewards Writing rewards come in different guises. If a writer is lucky, some of those guises might include contracts from publishers, and those lovely royalty payouts, but there are other rewards. Apart from those aforementioned contracts, for me the next biggest reward is probably finishing a story. But completing a tricky scene, or having a epitome of how I can get out of the sagging middle of a story also bring their own rewards. I always feel really chuffed … Continue reading

Why Clean Romance

Why Do I Chose To Write Clean Romance? When I first started out writing seriously I was asked a question. What do you like to read? That was easy to answer. I like contemporary romance. I read little else. But I was asked to dig a little deeper and came up with three different words which apparently describe the same romance sub-genre, sweet, traditional, clean. As so many of us are at the beginning of our writing journey, I was … Continue reading

Writing Workshop

Another Writing Workshop Completed I love holding writing workshops. There is no better way of sharing the love of the written word than to encourage budding writers to take a leap of faith and burst into print themselves. During the last two weekends I have spent time with a couple of wonderful ladies who I believe will soon be crafting their own stories. I thank them for their attention and their enthusiasm. Not many of us have been gifted with … Continue reading

I Didn’t Think I’d Be Writing

I Didn’t Think I’d Be Writing I’m not sure why I’ve been inspired today, especially as its a day when I didn’t think I’d be writing at all. But I’ve had a great day and written more than I have in a long time. Over the last couple of months I’ve been very satisfied writing a thousand words in a day. The few times I’ve felt on a roll and written two thousand has been great, exhilarating for me. But … Continue reading

Advice To Writers

Advice To Writers Today I’ve been struggling to think of something of value to post here. I wanted to give some advice to writers, whether they write romance or some other fiction genre. Or in fact even if they’re not involved in fiction writing. What could I come up with that would be worth another writer’s time as they read my blog? Amidst my doubts that I could offer anything new or revolutionary in an area which probably has more … Continue reading


Inspiration can come in many forms and guises and lends depth to our lives in different ways. What inspires you? Is it a person pushing you, an achievable goal drawing you higher or maybe an intense desire to please someone else? Anything that drives us forward must be beneficial whether its in an emotional, personal or business sense. Where would we be without the urge to strive for whatever it is we seek in life? What truly inspires you today … Continue reading