Sweet Romance is Alive and Well

Sweet Romance is Alive and Well

Who said there isn’t a market for clean/sweet romance? You can be sure sweet romance is alive and well and likely to stay that way. Okay, so it may not be the fastest selling of the romance sub-genres, or the biggest, but I believe its readers are much more likely to remain true to the ideals of these love stories. The readers of clean/sweet/traditional/behind-closed-door (or whatever else they might be termed) romance stories are searching for a fantasy to take them out of their reality for a few hours. A sweet romantic story will give them that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with the satisfaction of time well spent.

Because sweet romance is reliant on highly developed characterisations to drive them, rather than pages and pages of detailed intimate encounters, this style of romantic fiction has the time to draw a reader in. The characters and the predicaments they find themselves in are not superfluous, or a sideline. They are the story. If you’re looking to read tantalising sexual encounters, these romances are not for you. But if you want a story where you grow to know, understand and even love the characters, look for a sweet romance. You won’t be disappointed.

There are many writers of sweet romance. I’m presently visiting on the blog of such a writer. Stop by and leave a comment and you’ll be in to win a PDF copy of my latest release “The CEO Gets Her Man” or, if you’ve already read this story, your choice from my back list. I look forward to saying hi


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