Things Never Change

Some Things Never Change

While some attitudes change in our society as the years pass, other things never change. A recent newspaper article (Lexi Finnigan NZ Herald) suggested the friendly rivalry often present in the friendship between young men existed just as strongly centuries ago as it does today. I see this as an indication of the often crazy rivalry between men – their concern about size and ability and performance – has little to do with what era we live in. Those beliefs are firmly implanted at conception I reckon, and no account of adapting to any society is going to change that.

Here’s a paraphrased copy of portions of the article. What do you think? I figure men will be men, and in general, we have to be grateful they’re so different from us.

williamAlthough little is known of William Shakespeare’s personal life and character, he is thought to have had an eye for the ladies and a wicked sense of humour. On display in at exhibition due to open at the British Library next year is a diary entry dated 13 March 1602 by a law student and friend of Shakespeare which helps to confirm this. John Manningham accounts an amusing anecdote about the bard and his friend, famous actor Richard Burbage.

richAfter a performance at the Globe Theatre where Burbage played Richard III, a young lady offered the actor an invitation to pay her a late night visit, using the code name “Richard III”. He duly presented himself at her address only to find Shakespeare already there. Apparently he had overheard the arrangement and decided to preempt his friend.

Shakespeare later sent a witty message to his friend and rival which stated: “William the Conqueror was before Richard III”.

The curator of the exhibition said the diary entry was an “intriguing insight” into Shakespeare’s character.

The very same story could probably have been told about any two young guys from any walk of life today.


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