So much is happening in my world right now

So much is happening in my world right now. Perhaps the most important is the re-vamping of this site by a professional website designer. We’ve had a few ‘give and takes’ across the last weeks but I think the design is firming up and will be going live soon. How simple the designer has made things appear, I can’t wait to share it with you. I believe I will need to take far less time keeping my readers up to date once the new site is functioning.

I will be starting a newsletter very soon and posting it here as well as emailing it to all my readers. I hope to have heaps of feedback about what you would like to see in such a publication. Initially I’m looking at making this a monthly event until I ascertain the demand and content. I feel this will be a little more personal than a blog, as I will be talking directly to readers who are interested in me and my stories. I’m considering running competitions and giveaways so keep an eye out for my new site and its invitation to join my mailing list.

I got a great 5 star review of Wilderness Liaison posted on various sites today. I’m really chuffed as the reviewer has entitled her review “Take a trip to New Zealand” – I’m attempting to highlight my beautiful surrounding countryside in my stories, and to have reviewers enjoy reading about NZ (and talking about it) is wonderful. She actually liked the story as well lol. I’ve posted the review onto my review page, have a read.

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