Setting For Next Romance?

Debating Settings

This morning I have wasted time trying to think of something interesting to post on this site. While I intend to continue with sharing memories of my mother’s life once a week, I also feel the need to have some purely “writing” posts which might interest or help any of my readers who may not wish to follow the meanderings from my family tree. My mind remained a blank for most of the morning.

But I’ve struck an idea. Actually its more of a question so I hope some of you will take a moment to respond. How important is the setting of a romance story to you? If you follow me, you’ll already know I want to set my books in New Zealand, but within New Zealand where is the most interesting to my readers? Do you like country settings where I can share what life might be like for those living there, or is the faster pace of the cities more to your liking? Or you could make life even more difficult for me by saying it doesn’t matter a toss, as long as the story is captivating.

I’ve started my next story and as yet haven’t determined where it takes place. My original thought was to use Auckland as its setting as that’s where I live now, and I can readily explain/describe things happening around me. But then I had a little niggle that perhaps I should again set a story in Southland, where my heart belongs.

I need to decide soon, as the mind set of people in my story needs to be different if I end up using small town New Zealand as my setting. Attitudes of people living in any cosmopolitan area the world over are much the same, I reckon. Life is so fast paced and they are so busy, so focused on whatever needs doing next, so insular to things happening outside their immediate area. Don’t get me wrong, any cosmopolitan setting is probably the most perfect setting for a short romance as everything can remain focused on the relationship between the two characters. But I like to add a little extra to my stories. I love to read a romance which has an extensive plot beyond just the relationship between the two main characters and so I like to try and write the same type of story myself.

Oh blast! I think I may have just inadvertently made a decision as I am writing this piece. I think my voice fits better in a country style setting. Oh. Double blast! If I set the story in a small town, I’m going to have to rethink my hero’s career as a high powered real estate agent. That worked well in the currently crazy Auckland property market, but in a small town…

Maybe I’m heading back to the drawing board after all but I’d still appreciate any responses. City or small town, which do you prefer?

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