Revitalising An Old Romance Story

Will A Visit To The Setting For An Old Romance Story Bring It To Life?

I have put aside writing an old romance story for the last couple of months now as I decided it wasn’t working the way I needed it to. I’d got wrapped up in writing a story, but it was not a romance. That might have been okay, after all, I reckon it is a great story, but I’m a romance writer and I expect my stories to turn out as romances, not some other genre.

Will visiting the setting for this story, wandering around the farmland and bush where Shannon and Luke live help put some romance into their lives? The beauty of the area is sure to inspire me, but will it turn the relationship between these two characters away from friendship and toward something more heated and intimate?

Maybe Debra and Jase from “The CEO Gets Her Man” will find a way to tweak the romantic strings as they visit.

While I haven’t given any serious thought to writing a series, I do like to think characters from previous stories might drop in to visit in a new story. I remember Essie Summers did this in a few of her stories and I loved reading something new about a character from a previous book I’d read.

In this yet to be titled story, Debra and Jase do feature. Jase is a childhood friend of Luke’s and while their life paths took different routes they’ve both ended up living back where they went to school. But while Jase is content in his home town, Luke struggles against the hand fate has dealt him.

As the story revolves around the making of an adventure park, the possibility of mentioning Jodie from “Wilderness Liaison” is also on my mind.

But neither of these options is helping develop the necessary romance. Let’s see how the amazing scenery of the Murihiku “the tail end of the land” Valley can inspire a romance like no other.


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