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This is a MUST Read June 8, 2012
By Tifferz

Time to Bury the Past is a brilliant read. I picked it up and would not and could not put it down till the last word was read. So, far this is my favorite book by Anne Ashby. The story is realistic. I felt like I was reading about a friend. I instantly like Kelsey right off. Zane on the other hand I was not so sure about but once I got to know him better. I was good with Zane. Dan and Cody are typical teenagers but they have a set of different problems. Kelsey, Zane, Dan and Cody all have demons they need to deal with. I love how they have to work on the problems and they just don’t magically disappear. Ms. Ashby does an awesome job of drawing you into the story and developing the characters. I will admit I felt an array of emotions while reading Time to Bury the Past. Such as happiness, sadness, anger,disappointment, heartache, frustration, joy, understanding, relief and I even cried. I have a huge respect for the military world wide and I thank them and the ones the love and leave behind. This is a must read book and I will be reading this beautiful story again and more from Ms. Ashby she has some serious skills. If you have not check out Ms. Ashby check out her books!

Just fyi this does have a handful of swear words and some descriptive touching. All sex is behind closed doors.

Time to Bury the Past by Anne Ashby led me into the lives of Kelsey and Zane. I first want to touch on the emotional toll of this fantastic read. The pacing of this romance reeled me in and didn’t let me go. I remained hooked literally wondering what else the world would throw at these two single parents who needed a helping hand in completely different ways.
Kelsey’s past and how it shaped her gave incredible insight to why she refused to allow love in her life. I had to really think about the essence of her and what I found was at the tender age she left home she didn’t love herself much less know how to let anyone love her or to have been taught the way a man is supposed to love and respect his woman.
Zane sweet lord this man had an uphill battle with so much baggage I knew the only reason he kept going was out of love even if misguided. He hadn’t learned that his way of communication and the civilian way were to totally different animals and kept comparing himself to his father and coming to terms with what his career cost him.
What no one understood was the costs that he sacrificed to protect his son, his family and the country. The horrors he saw, the secret part of him never shared but weighed heavily on his shoulders. Add to that a government who wouldn’t let him go and he had his own quandary, how to be a good father and honor the commitment he signed up.
Add in two teens in need of a good friend, a cast of secondary characters who make the perfect external family and this story makes for a fantastic read, the only thing missing is wondering what happens and how they’re story ends. This is one book I’d love reading again just to see if there’s a layer or two I missed the first time around.
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Time to Bury the Past was an excellent story.
Zane Erickson, our naval hero, was a great character. He was strong, brave and fought for what’s right and good. Plus he was caring. It was interesting to hear about his history in the military. His life has made him a good soldier and a bit stubborn. After years fighting he is now taking care of his son. But forming a bond is not so easy.
Our heroine, Kelsey, is a strong and caring single mother. She went through a lot including an abusive husband. She does what she can to take care of her son Daniel and to make sure he has good memories. Because of her traumatic past she is determined to not find another man. But maybe the right man just hasn’t found his way to her door. Could our stubborn, but caring officer be what Daniel and Kelsey need? Through Zane’s son and Kelsey’s son they meet and form a friendship and then more.
I enjoyed how Zane and Kelsey got to know each through their sons. And the bumps to them being friends and getting to know each other because of the problem’s with her son. I also enjoyed how they got to know each other and how Kelsey helped Zane ease up a bit. He needed to be able to get closer toward his son because of his time away. The development from friends to lover lovers was nice and believable. Their chemistry and the romantic scenes were done well to.
I liked the friendship between their son’s and their characterizations to. They were interesting in their own way and kept this a well-rounded story. The twists and turns kept me surprised.
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Alicia Dean
5.0 out of 5 stars
You won’t forget this one

January 7, 2013

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