Devon’s Secret

(Previously published as Devon’s Dream)



This novel was great and it pulled me into a roller coaster ride of emotions right away!  Rick, Trix and Devon’s story is one worth reading.  Trix was a wonderful character and so full of spunk!  I enjoyed seeing the dynamics between all of the characters, not just the main ones. The characters seemed real and were likeable even with their flaws.  The setting is gorgeous and it makes me want to visit New Zealand one day! This is a great read about lost love and trying to put a family back together amidst physical difficulties.  If you enjoy YA and romance novels with great characters, then you will enjoy Devon’s Dream!  Four stars out of five.  (This book contains some sensual scenes)

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Crystal at Books Are Sanity


“This is my first experience with author Anne Ashby. Let me assure you it will not be my last. I found her writing style fresh and intriguing. There were no dull moments or slow parts to the book. Her main characters were dynamic and totally believable. This poignant storyline mesmerized me. I stayed on my toes throughout the entire book. I certainly didn’t want the story to end.

Ashby’s supporting cast was fairly large but quite effective. I have read more stories about parenthood kept from the father. This one was a new approach to me. The paths her characters took were distinctive as well as emotional. The sensuality was subtle yet dynamic. The scenery of New Zealand was brought into her story quite ingeniously. It made me want to visit.

I highly recommend this book to anyone. There is a wonderful flow within the storyline. I will certainly look for other books by Ashby. Great job, Ms. Ashby!”
Brenda Talley The Romance Studio

The heroine, Devon Smith. a friend of Rick’s sister “disappeared somewhere into the ether about ten years ago.” She is introduced in a hospital in New Zealand, in a coma and awakens from a coma about half way through the story. There are a multitude of multi-generational characters in this story that deals with love and relationships between parents, siblings, friends, ( both female/female and male/female) old romances, parents/children, parents/grown children and almost every other combination you might think of.There is jealousy and there are disagreements and misunderstandings. This is a cross-section of family life and its problems and rewards. The half-siblings are trying to get parents together again. An older parent is dealing with the ill health and possible death of a spouse.

The story was well written, with many ‘Down Under’ phrases that made me really enjoy the telling of this story. Phrases like”All Black” when referring to the aborigine population, “goggle box” is a TV, “Not on your Nellie” as an equivalent to the American phrase “not on your life, “mum” for Mom and many more.

There were only a few typos that caught my attention; for instance, “Rick hastily shook HER head.” But not enough to detract from the telling of the story.

I look forward to re-reading this charming story, and to reading more of this writer’s works.
Review from “Seriously Reviewed”
NB: Some kind soul commented on the Seriously Reviewed website and corrected the reviewer’s incorrect assumption about the All Blacks

Devon’s career doesn’t leave time for men, especially not Rick, her best friend’s brother that she fell in love with when she was thirteen. As far as she knows he’s married and happy and way out of reach. One tie to him is enough and its best he knows nothing about that. Until a car accident changes everything.

One phone call is all it takes to change Rick’s life for ever. At first he thinks it’s a mistake, that the Rick the critically injured Devon is calling for isn’t him. Then the truth sinks in. The young girl she is asking him to take care of could be his daughter. The result of a weekend they spent together several years ago.

Devon’s Dream is a lovely story of second chances, of learning to trust again and to put the past behind you. It brilliantly tackles the subject of a child finding family she’d never realised and trying to find her place in it, without it being trite or forced, and without pushing the main characters to one side.

5.0 out of 5 stars
A Charming Love Story

March 13, 2012