Reversal of Rights

I’m nervous about recently requesting the reversal of rights for three of my books. I’d noticed a distinct drop in sales for these stories over latter years. Okay, so my marketing/advertising, particularly this last year, has been less than ideal. I accept this as a contributing factor. But how to attract new readers to these older stories?

One obvious suggestion is to re-release them myself. Hence me asking The Wild Rose Press for a reversal of rights for “Devon’s Dream”, “Worlds Apart” and “Worlds Collide”. I’ll continue to applaud my publisher for help and support over the years. I hope to continue working with them as well as self publishing.

The cover art, ISBN and all current exposure of these stories belongs to TWRP. You will soon notice them disappear from Amazon and other on-line stores. They will no longer be available for purchase. I am required to take any graphics down from this website, too. There is an uncertain time frame before I will have these books available again. But they will appear, with different covers, along with other stories I have written.

From the bottom the only way is up!

I relish the challenge of self publishing. It excites me how involved I can be with marketing my books. The ability to assign prices – and have periodic sales. Playing with varying keywords is another opportunity to attract readers. Podcasts often highlight these seemingly small actions, but as a traditionally published author, my publisher has been in control.

In these regards, that’s going to change. Once I get my head around self publishing a book. I’m enthused, I’m keen, I’m scared stiff. But hey, I’m going to give it a try. I look forward to the continuing support I’ve had from my readers. And thank you for that!


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  1. Thank you Shirley, hopefully my trepidation will lessen and I’ll find it an exciting time. At least there is now a chance at control. I can’t wait to give this a try!

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