Resolution of a Writer

Resolution – “a firm decision to do or not to do something”.

New Year’s resolutions are such a crook. Did you make one? Most of us do. Many have already cribbed on their determination to uphold that resolution beyond the first week of the new year and then we forget all about whatever promised we’d made to ourselves. Why do we continue to waste our energy pretending this resolution is going to be different.

Good luck with your new years resolutions

This year I’ve kept away from those pesky self promises. Losing weight, becoming fitter, working harder, or in my case, being less lazy were no-nos. They never eventuate. This year I’m hoping (or pretending) – and I’ve survived the first week anyway – to be more proactive with my writing. I must get my teeth into it and get more stories written. Stop wasting time promoting old stories. Get some new ideas buzzing around inside my head and write them.

I also intend to stop being a stranger on-line, most importantly with my website. So many weeks have slid by since I last posted something. I’ll blame my good luck at indulging in my love of travelling. And waiting to enjoy the summer – if it ever actually arrives. So in the meantime I’ll be sharing some travels on my travelogue soon.

I offer my seasons greetings to everyone. I hope all my friends had a very pleasant Christmas and have arrived at 2020 with a heart full of peace, love and tolerance to all. And finally, good luck with sticking to those resolutions you’ve made.

My Thoughts Are With Australia

My heart goes out to those now living in peril in Australia. I’m glued to the news every day and am horrified at the ongoing devastation. Yesterday, Auckland’s skies turned orange for a number of hours. It was horribly freaky and unsettling. Even 1200 miles of ocean away, we could feel the impact of the bush fires. Praying for some substantial rain.

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