Release date – Yessss!!! Eclipse the joy of finally being a published writer

What an exciting couple of weeks I’ve had. Thank you to all my friends and family who have offered their congratulations and support. Knowing just how many people believe in me has made my road a little easier. I feel truly vindicated now when I call myself a writer. Very soon I will have copies of my book in my hot little hand and I’m sure my excitement will increase even further.
I’d like to acknowledge the work. help and advice of my amazing editor Maggie. She’s made what was quite a complicated process so stress free for me. Not only with the normal editing and readying a manuscript for publishing but Maggie’s wonderful idea of twiddling with the variances of US/NZ spelling involved quite a few humorous emails crossing the ocean and I believe some extra emails with the printers as they queried ‘correct’ spellings of certain words. Thank you, Maggie, you’re a marvel and I look forward to our continuing working relationship cementing a great partnership.

Good news comes in threes. My second story “Devon’s Dream” is progressing quicker than expected and could be available in the spring – that’s my spring, so northern hemisphere fall.

I have almost completed my first set of edits for my third story with TWRP. “Time to Bury the Past” again finds an American hero battling for the love of his New Zealand heroine. This time the story is set in Auckland, New Zealand.

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