Reflecting Through New Year


I suppose reflecting over the year just gone is a common thing for most of us. I did manage to stay awake to welcome 2018 in last night. Then I found myself reflecting over some major and many minor occurrences of 2017.

We had a wonderful year of travel, taking in three longish cruises and time spent in Rome and Buenos Aires. I did enjoy the short forays into numerous ports of call on our cruises. It helps make decisions about places we’d like to explore more thoroughly, namely Chile and Vietnam. Sri Lanka was another place I would enjoy visiting for an extended time.

I got past the first anniversary of my mother’s passing. Sometimes it’s still hard to believe she’s gone. Quite often I find myself thinking of some news to share only to realise I can’t call her. But my faith sustains my happiness for her. I know she has finally been reunited with my father, after 61 years apart. I can also imagine her having a fine old time with a dear sister who left us 45 years ago.

My greatest achievement this year was the publication of a non fiction “history” of women in the Royal New Zealand Navy. Collating the memories of many women who served Queen and country during the last 75 years was a challenge which I often doubted I could do justice to. So great has been the response, I’m offering to do a second edition, but only if I get the necessary input prior to making a start. Getting stories out of most ladies was harder than pulling hens teeth.


Although I’ve long since stopped faithfully making New Year’s Resolutions, knowing they barely last until the end of January, I do admit to scanning some through my brain. This year I must – write at least three stories, do more exercise, be more aware of my diet, spend more time with family. Nah, I’d rather do what one of my sons suggested. Try to make improvements where and when I’m able. Searching for a graphic to add – intending to make it a funny one – I found this and thought it was great and well worth sharing.

Lets see if we can all do something worthy this year.

God Bless



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