Promote Free Ebooks

Promote Free Ebooks

As my latest release “The CEO Gets Her Man” is scheduled to go out free as part of the Amazon KDP Select programme next week, I thought I should do some research into how I intended to promote my free ebook. Am I pleased I started looking now! Even a week out I have already missed the opportunity to advertise on some websites, which require longer notice. An emailed conversation with another writer ( alerted me to promotional possibilities I never even knew existed. The “check-list” she was kind enough to send me sent me into a flurry of activity which has lasted hours. I have now worked my way through sites where I could post details of my book’s free days on Amazon. Some sites can’t be posted to until the book is actually already free so they are listed in another part of my notebook for action next week. None of these sites guarantee they will post my details. Nor do they suggest how effective they might be. But I figure I have a better chance at gaining a few more downloads than with what I had initially planned.

Not only did Kim’s advice and my own research show me the multitude of sites available to list free ebooks, I also found email addresses where I could ask for posts, facebook groups which apparently (I won’t be trying them until next Wednesday so can’t be sure of this) allow a writer to post directly onto their pages, and numerous twitter handles where promotion of this type can be done.

Will my efforts prove fruitful? who knows, but at least I know I’m giving a pretty good shot to gettingsome downloads on the four days my book will be free – 13 – 16 February. By submitting the book details to over twenty sites already I hope I’ve made the first step in the right direction. Next week I’ll be hitting the Facebook pages and twitter.

I found these sites particularly helpful: Thank you Kim for sharing its existence with me. – Rachelle has arranged her suggested promo sites in Alexa-ranking order – her explanation why we should choose sites with a lower Alexa rating taught me something else today.


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  1. Regards for writing “Promote Free Ebooks – Anne
    Ashby – New Zealand Romance Writer”. I actuallymight definitely be
    back for more reading through and commenting here soon enough.
    I am grateful, Marilyn

  2. Hi JoAnn, great to see you here, thanks for leaving a comment. Hopefully the info may come in handy for you too

  3. You’re so right Katherine. I’ve started keeping a list of what promo I do every day to try and keep track of any results but its so hard to figure what’s best. I have high hopes for these sites to help produce some added interest in sweet romance stories. I’ll be posting my results after the free kindle days, hoping the numbers will be worth crowing about. Thanks for leaving a comment

  4. You’re on, Kim, we can compare notes (“sales”). If I get anywhere near your count I’ll be in Heaven and thanking you on bended knees. I have to admit to being just a little excited about these free kindle days, although I’m trying to monitor that excitement for fear it’ll be a giant flop lol

  5. Hi Anne,

    Thank you for sharing this information. Promotion is such a hard thing to do because you never know if what you’re doing is working or not so I appreciate everything I can learn.