Procrastination Doesn’t Pay


Do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. How many of us ignore this sensible approach to living? How many of us allow procrastination too large a hold in our lives. Along with having ‘jobs’ piling up around you, putting things off for another day can occasionally fill one with terrible regrets, too.

I figure I’m as bad a procrastinator as anyone on earth. I have all the good intentions in the world to do this or that, but unless something forces the issue, there are often times when I just let things slip away.

Today is one of those times when terrible regrets assail me.

A few years ago I met and stayed with my sister’s friends in Germany. While my sister was able to chat with this couple with very little difficulty, my knowledge of the German language amounted to about ten words I remembered from high school. However Willamina (who had just a few more words of English than I did of German) and I really hit it off. We managed to hang out together for 4 days having a hilarious time inventing a new sign language just for us. Her attempts to teach me German were great fun but a dismal failure.

Recently I asked a German au pair working for my daughter if she would help me write an email to Willamina. While I had sent Christmas greetings and the like in English via her husband over the years, I realised I had the opportunity, with Ana’s help, to send a real ‘letter’ to Willamina. I haven’t yet got around to writing that email for Ana to translate for me.

Half an hour ago, my sister forwarded me an email from Germany. Willamina died two days ago.

I’ll always harbour the guilt of allowing procrastination to overcome me. Perhaps Willamina would have got no pleasure from hearing from me, but I suspect contact during these last few pain filled weeks might have helped her remember a happier time. Now instead of sending a fun-filled email to Willamina, I have to respond to her husband’s notification of her death.


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