Print copies on the way

I am still waiting for the arrival of the print copies of “Worlds Apart”. I know they have a long way to travel from New York State to Wanganui and it might still be some time before they actually arrive on my doorstep but the waiting is both painful and exciting. Until I get to hold one in my hands, I won’t be truly certain I’m not going to wake up one day and find this dream of finally being a published writer isn’t just that. A dream. But it can’t be. No. This is the reality.

My WIP struggles to progress, although aided by one of my CP’s I hope to shortly be enthused with new and innovative ideas to push this story forward. I think its a great theme which will draw more than a smile from readers – once I get it written.

I continue to maintain optimistic thoughts about all phases of my writing despite my sloth-like output right now. I accept my learning never ends, the hard slog never stops. Rejections cut deep, but I will never give up. I will take all these things in my stride as I leap tall buildings, fight isolation and loneliness in my quiet little office and turn simple words into (I hope) compelling reading. I am a writer, and that’s what a writer does.

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