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Today I’m sharing my physio experiences. I’ve become an old hand now. My shoulder improves every week. This is largely due to the care I’ve received at PhysioConnect. Attending physio regularly also helps motivate my exercising.

“Physiotherapists help people affected by injury…through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice.” What’s “manual therapy” entail, I wondered? I nervously attended my first session. I was managing little arm movement without pain. The idea of any “manipulating” or “manual therapy” filled me with dread. The sessions, courtesy of ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) surprised me. They turned into uncomfortable periods of manipulation, but rarely pain. In other words, the physio stops before I scream.

My session begin with showing what movement I have. Then a heat pack warms the muscles. My physio then begins maneuvering my arm in various directions. Sometimes painfully, but more often merely exposing the stiffness. By session’s end, my arm movement has increased and a certain amount of stiffness has disappeared.

The surgeon warned it would take two years to return to normal. Less than six months in, I’m enthused at my improvement. Every time I attend physio, I see an increased range of movement.

I’ve discovered attending physiotherapy need not be so painful. No matter what the warnings. Today I attended my regular weekly session without thought of the pain killers I’m supposed to take beforehand.

During my next visit acupuncture will be added to my treatment. I’m looking forward to this as a probable pain reducing exercise.

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