New Release “Leath’s Legacy”

New Release “Leath’s Legacy”

There’s nothing like a new release to encourage a writer back onto the promotional pathway. Or a relaxing holiday to provide her with the energy. I’ve recently returned from a three week holiday in the resort islands of Phuket and Koh Samui in Thailand so I have no excuse for not knuckling down and getting involved with promoting my new release “Leath’s Legacy”.

Starting tomorrow I will be guesting on half a dozen different blogs and look forward to interacting with readers of these blogs. I also aim on being a lot more proactive on the facebook pages and yahoo groups which I have sadly neglected while I have had nothing new to promote.

While the Christmas season approaches, I may be side tracked a little by family and domestic responsibilities but my writing will need to often take precedence.

Although it is still a week away from its release and “Leath’s Legacy” is not yet available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other major on-line booksellers, it is possible to order the print version of this sweet story via my publisher The Wild Rose Press. – the digital version will be available on December 15th.

Leath cover

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