New Release “Leath’s Legacy” Coming Soon

New Release “Leath’s Legacy”

There’s nothing like a new release to spur a person into promotional action. And a lovely holiday to encourage a person back to work. I’ve recently returned from three weeks in two amazing resorts islands in Thailand (Phuket and Koh Samui) fully rested and very keen to catch up with my writing responsibilities.

With my new release “Leath’s Legacy” coming very soon – my first in a year I hate to admit – I’m swinging back into  a promotional phase which I have missed. With nothing new to promote for so long, I’ve found it difficult to maintain anything more substantial than a faint presence in social media circles. Starting tomorrow I have half a dozen blog guest spots to fill and look forward to ‘getting out there’ again. It will be fun to become active on the yahoo groups and facebook pages that I belong to.

As Christmas fast approaches my focus might sometimes be tempted to wander to domestic/family things but with a release date of December 15 for “Leath’s Legacy” I also have to become proactive at promoting this new story.

My new release “Leath’s Legacy” will appeal to anyone with an interest in genealogy. For the first time I’ve used some of my own family history discoveries to add some intrigue to the story. Although not yet available on Amazon/B&N/other on-line book shops, the print copy of “Leath’s Legacy” is available for order through my publisher, The Wild Rose Press.

Leath cover


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