New Contract

What great excitement for me this week. It began with what every writer strives and dreams of achieving, a new contract. I received the offer from The Wild Rose Press a mere 6 weeks after submitting my ms. Their amazing turn around time makes this publisher well worth checking out. Knowing your work is acceptable, or not, in this type of time frame allows so much more scope. Instead of waiting over a year with the larger publishers while you query, then submit a partial, then a full only to wait months more to get a result. TWRP system works so much better for me – they don’t force those long agonizing months on you. That alone makes them look like a pretty good company to me. Check them out and see what you think. To say I was flying up in the clouds for days would not have been an exaggeration. Unfortunately some of my enthusiasm for my WIP has evapourated as I’m keen to begin the editing process with my wonderful editor. We can’t make a start until the signed contract is in the hands of TWRP so I’m stuck in limbo. What an excellent time for me to begin redesigning my website.

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