My Apologies. What A Hellish Year

Hi, I want to offer my apologies for my absence most of this calendar year. Its been a hell of a year so far, but that’s about to change. I’m looking toward spring with greater anticipation.

Early in the new year, after we had spent such an enjoyable holiday in Southland, my older sister phoned with devastating news. She had pancreatic cancer. I immediately offered to help, in any way she needed. But shortly after this, and before I could fly to see her, I tripped in the garden and busted my shoulder. The surgeon and anyone else who viewed the xray suggested I’d done a pretty good job of mangling it. My trip south was cancelled for some weeks. Thankfully, Air New Zealand were amazing. I had an open ticket for 12 months.

When able to travel, I headed south and spent over two months with my sister and her husband. An accountant, she struggled to finalise accounts for her many clients while dealing with her illness. I became chief cook and bottle washer as well as chauffeur, office administrator and general dogsbody.

While she coped well with chemo I returned home. But it was only a month before the family summoned me back as her health deteriorated.

My sister

I’ll always be thankful for the time I had to share with her, especially over her last weeks when I was with her practically 24/7. At her celebration of life, I mentioned it might have taken 66 years, but finally the little sister took charge. And Janet actually listened.

I haven’t had time to miss writing. Only when I thought of my website and social media platforms did I cringe, knowing I’d absented myself without explanation. But I hope my apologies and this explanation will hold me in good stead. My enthusiasm for writing has already returned, thanks to this month’s Romance Writers of NZ meeting. I have determined where I’m heading with my current story and I’m looking forward to beginning work on it again tomorrow. A new book out in the New Year? Fingers crossed.

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