Me and Pinterest

My Venture into Pinterest

Yikes! I don’t know if I’ve made a terrible mistake or the best decision all year. I’ve joined Pinterest. Well, perhaps it would be more realistic to say I have attempted to join Pinterest. As of now I have no idea whether I have succeeded or not.

I guess all of the available social media outlets are confusing when first approached. But this morning I think I might have found the worst. Despite hearing Pinterest is fabulous and the best thing since sliced bread was invented, I discovered a quagmire. Scrolling down through photos, pictures, quotes (yes I did click a couple of quote board suggestions) and heaven knows what else, I felt myself slowly sinking. My head might still be above the waterline but I don’t see a rescue boat in sight. I was lost.

I eventually figured out how to make a couple of boards. I chose my book covers for one and got them loaded no trouble at all. Confidence soared. I was on my way. Now to pin some photos onto another board.

Wrong! I mistakenly thought that once I’d got started all would become easier. What a fool. I’d wisely chosen my own photos so I wouldn’t be worried about any copyright issues. Ready, steady, STOP. How there is any difference between up loading photos from my files and cover art from my files I’m yet to determine, but apparently there is. I’m sure one of my readers, maybe all of my readers, can clear that query up, but I’m bamboozled. Cos my photos stayed firmly in my files, refusing to share themselves on Pinterest.

Okay, lets try some images from the Internet. A few photos of my All Blacks heroes. After a fiddle of having to save them onto my computer first before pinning them, I think this worked okay. Is this the way its supposed to work? Who knows, not me.

Reading the pages and pages of “how to use Pinterest” amidst all the rules and regulations quickly palled and I took the next most obvious route, I logged out.

Any child could understand Pinterest

Any child could understand Pinterest

My major quandary now, do I swallow my pride and ask for help? Or just pretend I’m in complete control and understand the machinations of this weird (and supposedly wonderful) social media tool? I’m picking up my 6 year old granddaughter from school today, perhaps I’ll bring her to my house and get her to explain it all to me.  I’m sure she’d do a better job of introducing me to the world of Pinterest  than I have managed on my own.




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  1. Pinterest is fabulous for free publicity.

    When I first joined I felt just like you do now.

    The most effective way to use it is to ‘pin’ photos from a website. That way when people click on it they can be taken to your website.

    I literally went to virtually no traffic on my hobby (craft) site, to having thousands. And I’ve put it all down to Pinterest. I haven’t advertised anywhere, and I haven’t done anything else.

    Pinterest is like a free viral advertising machine. Once you get the hang of it, everyone will spread your message around without you having to lift a finger!

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