Manapouri and Te Anau

I found some lovely images of Lakes Manapouri and Te Anau from the South Island trip we did last year and rather than leave them sitting in a folder I thought I would share some. Of course, I admit to being very biased regarding which part of New Zealand is the most beautiful. My southern heritage reigns strong and true even after so many years living in the North Island.

Lake Manapouri is pristine on a good day and we were lucky enough to be there for such a day. A few clouds couldn’t mare the beauty. The day was so still and calm, but I remember the silence. As we walked along the lake’s edge there was nothing to hear but the birdsong. It was a beautiful morning.

A near-perfect image of Lake Manapouri
A near-perfect image of Lake Manapouri
Image of clear water along shoreline of Lake Manapouri
The clear waters of Lake Manapouri

We stayed in Te Anau for a week, and could have stayed much longer. Autumn was in full swing and the evenings were chilly, but we caught the sun every day. I particularly love a photo I took on the way to Te Anau Downs – where I worked for the summer months straight out of school. Again, see how clear the water is. We had lunch here and again enjoyed the sound of nothing but birds and a rare car heading for Milford Sound. If you listened very hard, sometimes the water gently lapping against the rocks could be heard.

An image of shores of Lake Te Anau,
Lake Te Anau

Lakes Manapouri and Te Anau are “linked” by the Waiau River which drains out of Te Anau through Manapouri before flowing down through Fiordland and Southland before escaping into the sea at Te Waewae Bay on the southern coast.

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