Lockdown: How I Coped

Lockdown in Auckland has reached 47 days. We await word this afternoon on whether the region will go down a level, or remain under reasonably tight restrictions. I suspect we will remain exactly where we are as Covid still appears to have the better of us.

What have I done during lockdown this year? I’m giving thought to how I’ve spent the last 47 days. I left our house three times but only got out of the car twice. Once was a quick, and thankfully needless, visit to A&E. The second time was to receive my second vaccination shot. It’s hard to believe 47 days have passed since we had all our freedom.

The morning of the lockdown announcement I must have had a second sight or something. I visited the library and got a stock of books, and had a haircut. How timely was that? While I look forward to visiting the hairdresser, I am not desperate enough to resort to cutting my bangs myself.

The lockdown began at a perfect time for my writing. I had just completed a story and was looking at the arduous task of editing it. For the first time, I purchased the editing app, Autocrit to help me. For three weeks I went through my story time and again attempting to make it as good as I could. I found Autocrit extremely helpful and will use it to edit more of my work. A trusted writer friend is now checking my story for any mistakes either in the storyline or with my writing. Then I will have a decision to make. Continue with traditional publishing, or preparing it (ie. editing, cover artist, etc) for self-publishing.

Since the completion of my editing, I feel like I’m on holiday. I’ve been back into my shelves of books, reading lots. Also attacked quite a few jigsaws, with the help of one of the sons currently locked down with us. I feel for my young men. Their level of boredom varies, but suddenly stuck with parents for 47 plus days is anything but fun.

Lockdown with parents is so much fun.

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