Learning to Self Publish

Learning to self-publish my stories has been my intent for a couple of years now. But with Covid and lockdowns and a general slump in my interest in anything writing, my research has been very spasmodic. But I now have a resurgence of interest and determination. If the three books I regained my rights to are ever going to see the light of day again, learning to self-publish, and understand all that involves, is essential.

For a procrastinator like myself, motivation is the key. So I engaged a local graphic designer to prepare a cover as the first step into this unknown world. I understand how important covers are to attract readers and I wasn’t about to scrimp on the cost. Now I am committed.

I’d been using the Internet to learn about self-publishing. David Gaughran‘s book helped. I’d absorbed numerous Spa Girls podcasts on the subject. But there are still questions I have about the process. I was still very nervous. But fortunately, I have a writer friend willing to advise me. I was rubbing my hands together. I’m going to finally self-publish my stories.

Timing is everything sometimes. Around this time I spied an online workshop. You guessed it. For self-publishing. And run by a kiwi writer, one of our Spa Girls, Trudi Jaye. I signed up so quickly. As I write this we are halfway through the workshop. Already many of my outstanding queries have been covered. In a couple more weeks I believe my aim of learning to self-publish will have been achieved. And far less painfully than I expected.

I’m not there yet. I know I have a little way to go. But I do see light on the horizon and it excites me. After years of traditional publishing, I’m about to try something different. Whether it will be a success or not? Only time will tell.


Learning to Self Publish — 2 Comments

  1. Its taken a while and a lot of stress, but I finally managed it. Only to find out it was all a piece of cake really. Stressing for no good reason. Thanks for your support

  2. That all sounds very exciting Anne, I’m sure with your determination to seek out answers and learn something new it will be a very successful venture and I can’t wait to see the results. Good on you! Xxx

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