Keywords And Romance Writing

Keywords for Romance Writing

This morning I spied an article about keywords and then ended up spending a couple of hours researching the internet for how to make optimum use of keywords in my blog posts to attract better SEO results. I do analysis my posts and try to ensure they do have a fair chance of attracting attention but its always interesting to hear of updated suggestions.

While I might have been doing what I was advised by the guy who helped me understand the importance of SEO a couple of years ago, reading the article today suggested things have changed. Why would anyone be surprised at this? Yeah I know – every day we are slipping behind because some new technology has been discovered. I just hadn’t managed to jump on board that theory.

“To show your skills as a keyword ninja…you have to identify long-tail, LSI keywords” the article suggests. Okay, I do know what the term long tail keywords means and do use them but after studying the article, I realise I’ve been behind the times. I haven’t been using them to their full advantage. Instead of trying to write an interesting piece but still ensure my keywords are used within the post, I should be finding synonymous keywords to pepper the post. I guess Google and the other search engines are smarter than I gave them credit for.

I’ve followed the suggestion and now have a list of long-tail words which I hope will cut down the time I spend trying to come up with the optimum ones for a post. I found Keyword Tool to be an easier site to use after discovering the need to sign up for Adwords on the similar Google site.

I guess only time and the results from Google Analytics will tell me whether I’m improving my chances of exposure using the keywords I’ve discovered. Its been interesting doing the research and learning just a little bit more about how to make the most of the internet.

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