KDP Programme

KDP Programme

I didn’t understand too much about Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Programme when I first heard of it. But when my publisher suggested it was a good promotional tool and allowed me the opportunity to participate (or not) for three months prior to the publication of “The CEO Gets Her Man” I thought it was worth giving it a shot. I’m very pleased I did. This story is not even released yet but I have had an enormous amount of interest shown in it.

Luke warm through January when Amazon was offering the digital version of this sweet romance at its full price of $5.99, the interest changed to scalding hot over Valentines Day weekend. Offered for free for four days over this truly romantic period of the year, the book took off. With the number of downloads so far in excess of anything I could have dreamed of, my story spend most of the four days in the top four of Amazon’s “women’s fiction” and “contemporary fiction” ratings (with over 24 hours at No 1 in both categories). I was astonished. To be high on a list of contemporary romance would have thrilled me, but contemporary fiction? That encompasses so many other books of different genres available out there at the same time. I was definitely on cloud nine. Even after the story ceased to be free, but was now selling at half price, as suggested would likely happen, the downloads continued.

This story’s involvement in the KDP programme is now coming to an end, but I’ll be dead keen to participate again with my next romance story. The results are on-going. Today, I have approx 40 reviews on Amazon (.com and .uk) maintaining a 4.1 average, and over 70 on Goodreads. While this may not seem so many, when I compare it to my other stories it has been a great leap. Especially when considering that this book is not being released for another two weeks yet.

I believe this programme has allowed many readers who had previously not heard of me to sample my writing and I can only hope they have enjoyed “CEO” enough to consider reading some more of my stories. Even allowing for the obvious fact that many who download free books may never get around to reading them, much less posting a review, I’m certain it is a great marketing tool and one I hope to continue using in the future.

A heads up to anyone thinking they’d like to buy the story but haven’t quite got around to it yet, the price will be returning to $5.99 soon. Get in now and enjoy a great, sweet story for half price.



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  1. Thanks Anne for the opportunity – having free books on Kindle is a great way to introduce me to authors that I do not know or have not read, and this was one of the free books I have downloaded since I hurt my wrist in December. Having free reads on Kindle has occupied my time and allowed me to recommend new authors to my family and friends also.
    keep up the great work and I look forward to some more in the future
    take care