Joy Of The Written Word

The written word spreads so much joy and contentment to anyone interested in reading. However we might receive it, digitally or in a hard copy, those written words convey everything. Our past, our present and our future must surely all be able to be woven into written words. I feel so blessed to have a scant ability to weave words together to bring pleasure to my readers. Being able to share my love of reading and writing gives me a huge case of the warm and fuzzies. Whether that is through the books I’ve written, the workshops I’ve conducted or some other form – like last week – I love to feel I’ve connected with others who also love the written word.

Last week I received a lovely email from a lady I’ll call MaryLou. (I don’t have permission to disclose so will not use real names). I’m uncertain where in the world she resides or who she is. From her email I know she has helped children learn about and appreciate the written word. She’s encouraged children to explore the possibility of developing their own stories, while volunteering in her local library.

MaryLou has a young helper, Bailey (not her real name). Bailey explored the Internet looking for links which might expand the children’s knowledge and understanding as they experiment with writing. During her search, she found one site particularly relevant. Some children showed interest in movie writing and MaryLou and Bailey gleaned useful information to share with them. It was thanks to Bailey and the links on my website that I was able to assist in some small way with the work her and MaryLou were doing.

I’m so grateful to MaryLou for taking the time to drop me an email. Writing is such an isolated occupation and the hear from readers is a real treat. MaryLou’s email was so different from the contacts I usually get, and I appreciate knowing I might have offered just a little something. Thank you MaryLou and Bailey, for not only contacting me, but for encouraging those children. To encourage others, especially the young, to explore their imagination and write! That’s better than gold to me.

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