Inspiration can come in many forms and guises and lends depth to our lives in different ways. What inspires you? Is it a person pushing you, an achievable goal drawing you higher or maybe an intense desire to please someone else? Anything that drives us forward must be beneficial whether its in an emotional, personal or business sense. Where would we be without the urge to strive for whatever it is we seek in life? What truly inspires you today might not even get a look in tomorrow.  And what worked so well yesterday may never inspire you again. My dictionary suggests a definition of inspire (among other things) is to imbue or animate, to infuse or instil feelings, ideas, etc but I think it can be so much more. It’s an indescribable, unseeable force that spurns us on to achieve whatever goals we have set ourselves.

I am currently drawing inspiration from a lady who may not even be aware of how motivating she is. Although seeing that she is leading a motivational/mentoring business course that I’m attending, I guess she does know her own skills. Her enthusiasm and ideas for my writing business is greatly appreciated because I assume her normal clients are more in line with the others on the course who have more practical, rather than creative, businesses to promote.  She has the ability to light an ember in someone’s belly and nurture it into a blazing inferno, such an amazing gift. Barbara, I thank you for encouraging me and for regularly stoking that inspirational fire you’ve lit within me.

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