I’m not making the same mistake again

I’m not making the same mistake again. Learning I could have submitted another story while editing a ms caused me to lose months. So I have emailed Cindy Hwang (for the fourth time) and told her if I hear nothing within 7 days about my submission, I will assume she is not interested and I will be submitting it elsewhere. Now I have found a publisher who doesn’t take years to respond to a submission, I’ve decided I am no longer sitting around hoping for a positive response for what amounts to years. My editor at The Wild Rose Press has already expressed interest in reading this story, so a couple of weeks to “convert” it into the format they require – and do some extra fine tuning taking into account all the amazing things I’ve learnt from Maggie, and I’ll be emailing it off. My current WIP you might ask? yes well, that might have to wait until next year.

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