I’m buzzing

I’m buzzing. What a great week I’m having and here’s hoping it continues for some time into the future. Having something productive to do in the promotion field sure feels good. Instead of getting my back list out in front of readers, I’m now able to offer something brand new. With the release of WILDERNESS LIAISON I’m spending a number of hours each day plugging at exposing its title as much as possible and it seems to be working. Now whether anyone is actually buying the book, I obviously won’t know this for a while, but the increased number of hits on this site, and my facebook are very encouraging. Three 5 star reviews have already been posted to Amazon, thank you to those who posted them. I ask any readers to please consider making a comment on sites like Amazon, GoodReads, Library Thing etc if you’ve enjoyed reading any of my stories. Its a great buzz for me to know they’re being enjoyed. If you’re one of the many people who have visited my sites this week, thank you so much. Here’s another excerpt of WILDERNESS LIAISON to whet your interest:

Available – Wild Rose Press, Amazon and most on-line bookshops
She almost groaned aloud as he turned and she was given an even more detailed look at his golden physique. Blood roaring in her ears, she continued to stare. She wanted to look away-knew she must look away-but instead ached to run her fingers across those rippling muscles.
So mesmerised, when he swung his head and saw her, Jodie could do nothing. Breathing was impossible as heat burned her whole body. Making no attempt to cover himself, Shal stood there, hiding nothing. A faint, knowing smile was visible even from this distance.
She groaned as he casually spread the towel onto the ground and lay down. A shiver ran through her as she buried her boiling face in her hands. Jodie cursed again and again under her breath. To be caught looking at him…it hadn’t been a quick glance…he knew that. His vain little smile made that pretty obvious.
She groaned again. How could she face him after openly admiring his body? His naked body. The vision returned in blazing Technicolor. The way he’d stood there, unashamed, suggested he was used to women’s appreciative looks.
Jodie prayed she’d be able to act normally when Shal returned to the cabin. Surely she could avoid blushing if she kept her mind on other things. For heaven’s sake, she wasn’t some silly teenager.

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