How I Began Writing Pt 2

Part 2 On My Writing Journey

No, my writing journey doesnt begin yet. This has been a life journey. I still had some living to do before life experience allowed me to consider the possibility of my being able to spin a decent yarn. I feel such awe for young people who can produce a readable book, the scribbling from my young days was very amateurish.

My second act may seem short, but without a doubt it was the most influential period of my life. It was during this time I learned among so many other things, the self discipline I would need to begin a writing career. Without my time in the military, I’m not sure I would have stuck at writing long enough to see my first story published. I learned self control and a determination not to give in when the going got tough.

At eighteen, my Act Two began. I joined the Royal New Zealand Navy. This involved my travelling to almost the other end of the country. For years I had dreamed of joining the police force but needed to be twenty. Three years (minimum engagement at that time) in the Armed Forces was one of the suggested options to gain necessary life experience prior to joining the police. Looking at the three services, Navy was the only option for me. I’m a Pisces, I grew up in and around the sea and feel it is part of who I am. (I still live within walking distance of the coast).

SAM_0054My determination to leave the Navy and join the police soon waned. By the time my initial engagement time would have been up, I was serving a two year posting in Singapore, I was engaged to a sailor and I loved the Navy way of life.

Unless a person has served in the Armed Services, I doubt they can understand the impact this service time has on your life. The navy is particularly bonding. There is a new language to learn, new ways to tackle tasks, and a dependence on each other that builds a comradeship that is in place for life. I’m currently the National President of the Naval women’s Association. We had a reunion last month. Seeing World War Two service women, who are now in their nineties mixing with other service women, many strangers, from all the decades since, clearly shows that bond we all still feel toward each other. I spent 21 years in the Navy. I served in every ship available to me – this was prior to women serving at sea as they do now – and retired as a Warrant Officer, the top of my trade. I had two children while serving, and only left because I wanted more children.

Part 3 and my actual venture into the world of writing will follow shortly. Don’t forget to come back to read about it. Also check out my latest release “Worlds Collide” with my publisher The Wild Rose Press, Amazon or any good on-line bookshop.

See you again soon.



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