Social Media – Grasping the Concept

Social Media Seminar

Last night I attended a social media seminar organised by Ochre Business Solutions the agency running the business course I’m currently attending. What an interesting and informative seminar. Unfortunately time disappeared too quickly and the four speakers barely got started on sharing their expertise. Touting social media and the need for on-line advertising in today’s world they touched on very relevant points which I hope to get the chance to follow up soon. While much of what they shared about SEO’s and marketing strategies, I felt I already knew a bit about, other factors pipped my interest in a big way. On completion I collared one of the presenters and discussed the possibility of engaging him to help me make better use of my social media time and exposure. Just listening to them made me realise I haven’t yet figured out how to use social media to its full potential. There is still so much more for me to learn and understand. It will be a challenging task but one I look forward to conquering.

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