Focus On Southland

Focus on Southland

As we waited for Christmas celebrations I wanted to focus on Southland while we hung out in my home province. The glorious weather made us so pleased to be spending at least part of the holiday period here. Other parts of New Zealand were much less fortunate, with many areas experiencing huge rainfalls and floods. Not only did we enjoy the company of family and friends, we also revisited many favourite places of mine. I think I’ll share some of the photos I took as I revisited the scenes of my childhood.

Little changes in small towns I’ve discovered. Colac Bay looked very much the same as my last visit. Although I did see a couple of new subdivisions have opened up in some of the coastal towns on the southern coast.

Cosy Nook

Cosy Nook (Stewart Island in the background)

One of my very favourite places is Cosy Nook. Don’t ask me where the name originated from because normally this little inlet is anything but cosy. Even on the calmest of days the sea pounds against the rocks and its power makes one feel so insignificant. I arrived there during this visit to Southland and discovered what might be the only day of the year when waves gently flowed over the rocks. I felt just a little cheated. I love to see and hear the power of the ocean and Cosy Nook is a reliable place to be in awe. Normally.

Colac Bay

No post of mine about Southland would be complete without at least a few more photos of my hometown, Colac Bay. As beautiful as usual, the sun fairly bounced off the water as we watched. This place always catches at my heartstrings.

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