Fascinating Genealogy

Fascinating Genealogy

For years I’ve been fascinated by the study of genealogy. I guess its mainly been with regard to my own family’s history. I loved listening to the stories my mother shared with us. Her story-telling and sense of humour often had us in tears of laughter as she regaled tales from long ago. I grew up knowing so much about my ancestors. Even though they were only names, they filled a big part of me knowing who I am. The years spent finding proof of their existence and uncovering so many more tales gave me such intense satisfaction. Meeting and becoming part of families on the other side of the world has given me something indescribable. I find myself yearning to visit the Shetland Islands again, to visit with the two score family members I have found there. To trip to Kent and learn more family stories from cousins far removed. To travel the back roads of the beautiful highlands of Caithness and imagine life there all those years ago.

How Lucky I Feel

The television show “Who do you think you are?” has made me appreciate how fortunate I am. I find it so difficult to understand how many people don’t know anything about even their grandparents, let alone the generations beyond their grandparents. I never knew my grandparents, my last surviving grandmother died when I was 5. My mother knew only one grandparent. Her parents knew none of their grandparents. And yet we were fortunate that as an extended family, our history was important and shared as each generation grew.  Knowing where I came from and the roots that had strengthened me has stood me in great stead as I reached adulthood. It also lead me to find enduring family relationships which are standing the test of time, and thousands of miles distance.

Advantage of Genealogy For Me

But along with this certainty of who my family is and where I’ve come from, genealogy has given me something else equally important to me. It has given me ideas to use within my writing. When I begin to think of a storyline, I’m always wondering if this could be another where genealogy could play a part in developing the conflict. My fascination for this subject has helped mold me as a writer, too.

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