Family Memories

Family Memories

Family memories can be so varied and come from out in left field, but nevertheless they are all so important to record somewhere. For me that recording is this part of my blog. At any stage of researching family history, a stray memory might trigger a host of further recollections thought buried.

That’s what’s happened to me this last week. I’ve just spent some days with my brother and his family in Queensland. I’m not sure what our spouses did for a lot of the time Kevin and I were talking but I had a great time scribbling down his memories of life in Mataura. Being four and a half years older than me, Kevin’s memories were better than mine. Now I just need to get into our sister’s ear as well to add her thoughts to this period.

While I still have six more pages of Mum’s journal to share, those six pages cover about twelve years. She became much less detailed in her writing and I’ve realised there are gaps which we as her children should be able to fill in a little. But this brings me to a problem I hope I can avoid. I want this blog to be about Merville and her life. It will be too easy for me to begin adding my memories of my life, which in the early days could run parallel with Mum’s but could also veer away if I’m not very diligent.

Mum lived in Mataura for ten years before Dad died, and then another five years before she shifted the family to Colac Bay. These are the years I want to explore a little more deeply with her before writing anything more on this blog. Talking with Kevin gave me so many questions I can use to tickle Mum’s memory when I see her in a few weeks. She’s always been very ready to expand on any queries about the past, but so often I’ve run out of specific questions to ask her. Now I have heaps which should help to fill out those years.

Currently, I am thinking that I may have a short break from publishing these blogs. I’m enjoying ferreting through all the papers and notes I have, but I think I need to spend some time with Mum before continuing. So anyone following my little snippets, please check back in mid August for the continuing story of Merville’s amazing life.


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